Thursday, January 2, 2014

Artichoke Asiago Dip

Artichoke Asiago Dip - 15.3g Carbs, 5.3g Fiber, 1.5g Sugar

From: Dip Recipes: Fast, Fun and Easy Gourmet Dips for all Occasions (The Easy Recipe) by Scarlett Aphra (Kindle)

Dip is often found in the prepared foods section of the supermarket but it is easy to make an extremely delicious version at home as well. One of the benefits of making it at home is being able to control what goes in the dip and adjusting the seasoning to your own taste. Artichoke hearts are actually part of the head of a perennial thistle and a good source of antioxidants and fiber. If you have an issue with gallbladder disease you should avoid this dip because artichokes can stimulate gallbladder contraction.

1 1/2 cups artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
3/4 cup freshly grated Asiago cheese
1 cup low fat mayonnaise
1/2 cup scallion, chopped
1/2 tsp garlic, minced
1 lemon, juiced

1. In a large bowl stir together all the ingredients until very well combined. Season to taste.

2. Transfer to heat proof serving dish and refrigerate until you are ready to use the dip.

3. Heat in a 350 degree F oven until dip is hot and bubble.

4. Serve with breads or chips.

Nutrition From:
Servings: 4
Serving Size: 215 g
Nutrition per Serving: 401 Calories, 291 Calories from Fat, 32.4g Total Fat, 9.7g Saturated Fat, 0g Trans Fat, 58mg Cholesterol, ** 1,159mg Sodium, 15.3g Total Carbs, 5.3g Dietary Fiber, 1.5g Sugars, 13.8g Protein -- Vitamin A 12% - Vitamin C 34% - Calcium 35% - Iron 8% Nutrition Grade: C

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